Stakeholder Engagement

Effective communication is central to successful delivery of almost any project. In sustainable transport contexts this often stems from early-stage consultation and outreach with key stakeholder groups to compile different viewpoints, and identifying areas of consensus and disagreement.

We regularly consult stakeholders at different stages of our projects; including senior policy and decision-makers, local authority officers and members, business leaders, transport operators and members of the public.

Stakeholder Engagement Lowestoft

Our empathetic and experienced team are skilled at listening to people's views to objectively collate different opinions.  We often work closely with conflicting stakeholder groups to build consensus across emotive transport and personal mobility topics.

These have included issues such as road user charging, improving transport services for disabled and older people, and local public transport fares. We’re able to organise, facilitate, and evaluate all elements of the stakeholder consultation and engagement processes. 


  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Outreach and engagement
  • Social media management
  • Workshop organisation and facilitation
  • Thematic analyses
  • Stakeholder group management

North Yorkshire community transport branding

North Yorkshire County Council commissioned ITP to develop a strategic brand for its community transport services. The intention was to unite operators as a family of service providers working together to increase transport options in rural communities.

By working with the Council and 35 community transport providers we scoped and developed an overarching brand and marketing plan to raise awareness of their services, influence local perceptions and increase usage across the County.  

The market-tested brand designs and three-year strategic marketing plan are being implemented by the County Council and community transport service providers.  

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Smart Network, Smarter Choices

From 2013 to 2015 Centro delivered the Smart Network, Smarter Choices sustainable transport project in the West Midlands. It sought to improve sustainable transport options across the region to encourage more people to travel by walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing.

ITP's role was to set up, manage and engage with a stakeholder panel of 165 high-level policymakers and businesses across the region to evaluate the programme’s impact. Key research questions focused on behaviour change, attitudes to sustainable travel, employment opportunities, business confidence and perceived impacts of the programme.  

Our impact evaluation report fed into the future development of transport options in the West Midlands, providing insights into the needs and expectations of local people

Mobility services review

Significant challenges often constrain disabled and older peoples’ ability to access jobs, services and social networks.  Consequently, many seek help and support when making decisions about using private modes of travel. ITP led an in-depth review of this service sector to help the Department for Transport (DfT) understand its future funding and policy support role.  

We undertook primary research with over 30 mobility service providers, third party organisations and service users, alongside 17 Focus Group discussions and 18 in-depth interviews with older and disabled people who were from different backgrounds and experienced different health, physical and sensory impairments. Our findings informed DfT and other Government departments’ strategic decision making regarding future policy and grant funding support for these types of mobility services.

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