Quantitative Surveys

Quantitative surveys are effective mechanisms for cost-effectively collecting large volumes of data. 

ITP regularly designs and administers questionnaires to build representative samples of public opinion; enabling us to explore attitudes, perceptions, and preferences of different populations in respect of transport systems and interventions.

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Our expertise includes designing and disseminating surveys to maximise response rates.  Where appropriate, we use the latest digital tools to optimise data gathering and minimise errors. This includes bespoke tablet and mobile applications to facilitate efficient in-street surveying.

Whether qualitative or quantitative; we have the capacity to collate, analyse, and interpret survey responses to provide thorough, structured explanations of our findings. Allied with our knowledge of sustainable transport planning and delivery, we turn these insights into actionable intelligence for our clients.


  • Postal surveys
  • In-street / transport stop survey
  • Door-to-door household surveys
  • Online / social media surveys
  • Travel diary surveys
  • Telephone surveys

Transport for London cycling consultation

ITP was commissioned by TfL in 2016 to perform detailed analysis of public consultation responses for a number of cycle schemes in London – including Quietways, Central London GRID and Mini-Hollands. This included quantitative examination of overall support for specific schemes, followed by a thorough review of comments made about the scheme from both the public and stakeholders.

Our report for TfL detailed public support, and common concerns, regarding each cycle route proposal.  ITP's presentation of key findings and common themes emerging from the public consultation responses informed detailed tweaks to the configuration of each route.

Qantitative Tfl
Quantitative Scotland

Smarter Choices, Smarter Places

The Scottish Government funded the ‘Smarter Choices, Smarter Places’ (SCSP) behaviour change programme to help save people money, improve their health, build stronger communities, and improve the environment. 

Alongside Aberdeen University and Derek Halden Consultancy, ITP’s role was to evaluate the SCSP programme to establish whether, how and where benefits were achieved and to suggest ways of improving delivery. An extensive quantitative survey programme; including area-wide travel diary surveys, telephone surveys, local data collection and user consultation initiatives; formed the basis of the evaluation. We worked closely with local delivery teams in the participating towns of Barrhead, Kirkintolloch, Dumfries, Dundee, Glasgow East, Kirkwall, and Larbert-Stenhousemuir.

The findings from our research have informed the continued delivery of the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places programme in additional towns and cities across Scotland.

Nottingham Big Idea Surveys

The Big Wheel, Nottingham City Council, and Nottinghamshire County Council commissioned ITP to carry out a survey with members of the public and businesses to understand their attitudes towards local transport and investment priorities in the Greater Nottingham area.

We worked with market research partners to undertake 2,000 in-street surveys and 200 business telephone surveys to understand satisfaction levels relating to local transport options, transport policy objectives and their use of transport services and local initiatives.

The outputs of this work fed into Nottingham City Council's marketing and communications programme and informed the city's fourth Local Transport Plan.  We were appointed to carry out this research in 2008, 2012, and 2015. 

Quantitative Notts