TripSwitch can assist your organisation to achieve its net zero targets by influencing more sustainable trips. Our evidence-led approach uses behavioural science from ITP’s 25 years in the industry and cutting-edge data tools to design and deliver a travel planning solution for your organisation.

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How it works...

We'll assess your organisation's greenhouse gas emissions related to staff and visitor travel (and fleet and freight transport) and review the motivations of different target audiences to change their behaviours alongside the opportunity to improve the sustainable travel options available for them to use.

Using this insight, we’ll work with you to co-design a bespoke package of initiatives and campaigns to stimulate a switch to sustainable alternatives; we’ll then demonstrate the impact by measuring the reduction in your organisation’s carbon footprint.

The Tools

  • Carbon Calculator - Quantifies your organisation's transport-related carbon footprint to create a baseline for current transport use to be compared with future years, allowing your organisation to monitor the impact of the TripSwitch programme over time.
  • Audience Assessment - Assesses the transport-related attitudes and behaviours of your workforce and visitors. It goes beyond just surveying how people travel and seeks to understand what motivates their travel choices. This deeper understanding allows us to segment the audience and identify where there is the most potential to influence how people travel towards more sustainable options.
  • Modal Optioneeing - Identifies the practical opportunities to travel sustainably by auditing on-site facilities, policies and local travel infrastructure. We combine this insight with the attitudinal data, to prioritise the initiatives to be introduced.
  • Co-Design Workshop - Takes key decision makers through a co-design process to develop a package of initiatives to optimise the switch towards more sustainable trips for your organisation.
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Our Bronze, Silver and Gold packages mean we can provide a service appropriate to your organisation’s net zero aspirations and budgets.

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