Development Planning

Our transport knowledge and expertise informs the design of well-connected, economically vibrant, and environmentally-friendly places.

Our team appreciates government growth aspirations, and recognises the role private sector developers can play in helping to deliver sustainable places.

We believe effective mobility, without reliance on private car use, is an essential component of sustainable development that should be integrated into land-use proposals from conception.  By blending our sustainable values with the necessary technical rigour, ITP’s team helps to develop imaginative, connected, and integrated places where people can readily access key services and jobs.

By collaborating with teams of specialist advisors, including: masterplanners, architects, environmental specialists, engineers, property advisers, lawyers, project managers, and traffic managers; we ensure that sustainable access and movement are fully assimilated into development proposals and major event plans.

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Key capabilities 

  • Transport Assessments / Statements & Travel Plans
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Traffic modelling
  • Expert witness
  • Preliminary / detailed highway and drainage designs
  • Construction Traffic and Servicing Management Plans
  • Stakeholder engagement