Our expert knowledge of behavioural psychology and social marketing techniques means we're well-placed to help clients to shape their travel behaviour change programmes to reach intended audiences. 

From developing successful bids for government funding, to the design of campaigns, we work with clients to develop programmes of measures that will have a demonstrable impact on the everyday travel choices people make. 

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Our team uses primary and secondary research to understand public attitudes and perceptions towards different types of transport and, applying these insights; designs, tests and refines targeted programmes for delivery. This approach ensures we respond directly to the issues and concerns of an intended audience, and enables us to tailor messages so they resonate and encourage people to walk, cycle, car share and use public transport more regularly. 

Many of our local authority clients appoint ITP to help them develop applications for Central Government funding. We ensure bid submissions are comprehensive, polished and maximise value for money; focusing investment on projects that deliver genuine improvements in travel choice, accessibility and sustainability. Our successful track record has seen us secure over £280m for our clients in the last seven years.


  • Programme development to design, test and refine engagement approaches.                                                
  • Tailored strategies focused on businesses, schools, job seekers and communities.
  • Marketing campaigns concepts and communication strategies to influence travel choices.
  • Participatory involvement with stakeholders, partners and suppliers. 
  • Bidding for Central Government funding for transport improvements and behaviour change campaigns.

Emergency Active Travel Fund Support

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Government announced the Emergency Active Travel Fund (EATF) to support investment in active travel facilities and encourage more walking and cycling. Delivery of these emergency schemes understandably created resourcing issues for Local Authorities, with officers needing to rapidly develop, implement and monitor these schemes alongside their day-to-day roles.  

ITP provided much-needed resource to Transport for the West Midlands (TfWM), by helping them co-ordinate the delivery of their £17.6m EATF programme. This comprised multiple infrastructure schemes, a supporting behavioural change package, programme monitoring, evaluation and reporting. A critical part of our role was the coordination of TfWM’s £13.8m EATF Tranche 2 funding application, to secure further funding for a programme of schemes for the seven West Midlands authorities and supporting measures to lock-in positive travel behaviour changes.

Group Cycling 2
Covid 19 Communications Support Tf Wm V1

COVID19 Communications 

Transport for the West Midlands (TfWM) required support to develop a targeted business communications campaign to facilitate a safe return to the workplace following the coronavirus lockdown. We worked with TfWM to identify the different industries we wanted to influence, designed tailored digital resources and prepared engaging communications to help employees return to work safely and/or continue to work productively from home. 

Over 300 businesses received a digital Recovery Support Pack and 1,000+ received targeted mailshots. Our support allowed TfWM to respond quickly to changing Government guidance and ensured businesses received high quality, regular communications and resources. Learn more.

Access Fund Programme Development

ITP secured £845,000 from Department for Transport’s Access Fund on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council. We were subsequently appointed as Programme Manager to oversee the delivery of a three-year travel behaviour change campaign delivered in Mansfield and Newark and targeted at residents, businesses, jobseekers and school leavers.

We set aside the first 12 months to work with Nottinghamshire County Council, our project partners AECOM and local stakeholders to prepare for programme delivery. We refined the scope of the programme, developed a campaign brand and messaging, created a suite of printed and digital resources and agreed the targeted engagement approach for each work package. Our work in coordinating project set up meant Nottinghamshire County Council was able to deliver an impactful behavioural change programme across the two towns.

Access Fund Programme Development Nottinghamshire
Wmt Lnr Stations

Stations as Places Programme

ITP was selected by Abellio to sit on their 'Stations as Places' Expert Panel. The programme aimed to encourage local stakeholders to think about the station travel planning process in a more holistic manner, considering the opportunities for station improvements to increase their offer to the local community and help to accommodate local growth proposals. 

ITP's role was to develop a series of Prospectuses for stations along the West Midlands Trains and London Northwestern Railway network. The Prospectuses outlined a programme of improvements with the aim of increasing accessibility and movement to the rail stations, encouraging an increase in rail patronage and advancing the development of station gateways that offer a high quality user experience and connect the station with its immediate environs.

Bike Hire Feasibility Study 

The West Midlands Combined Authority sought to establish a robust case for implementing a bike hire system across the metropolitan area combining the flexibility of dock-less services with the permanence of dock-based networks.

ITP worked with TfWM's officers, Bikeplus and BDS Sponsorship to scope the scheme's feasibility. We appraised potential demand for cycle hire services, suitable station locations, and different operating and technology options as a basis for determining the costs and sponsorship income requirements. 

Our feasibility study, and advice on zero-value procurement approaches, led to TfWM's appointment of Nextbike to run the cycle hire scheme for the West Midlands.

Birmingham Cycle Hire Map
Marketing Branding Get On Board

Get on Board Campaign Development

Milton Keynes Council received Better Bus Area funding from the Department for Transport to introduce a range of infrastructure improvements and a behaviour change campaign designed to support local growth by increasing bus use in Milton Keynes and reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

The project consisted of six linked components, some of which were delivered by ITP. They included Personalised Travel Plans, interchange improvements, enhanced wayfinding, and an integrated marketing campaign. We created the ‘Get on Board’ brand, developed marketing collateral to promote the improved bus services, and implemented an online and offline communications plan. The post-project evaluation revealed a positive impact on local bus use. Learn more.

Go Local Campaign Development

North Yorkshire County Council commissioned ITP to develop a strategic brand for its community transport services. The intention was to unite operators as a family of service providers working together to increase transport options in rural communities.

By working with the Council and 35 community transport providers we scoped and developed an overarching brand and marketing plan to raise awareness of their services, influence local perceptions and increase usage across the County. 

The market-tested brand designs and three-year strategic marketing plan are being implemented by the County Council and community transport service providers. Learn more. 

Go Local North Yorkshire