Our Team

Catherine Evans
Senior Consultant
With a keen interest in development planning and innovation, Catherine applies her skills in micro-simulation modelling to help private sector clients create the cities of tomorrow. Outside of work you’ll find her playing netball, in the gym or travelling.
Ciaran Meyers
Principal Consultant
Experienced in public transport planning, transport strategy, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation, Ciaran brings a broad skill-set to ITP. He is the only team member to have ridden Lands’ End to John O’Groats, and is a keen ‘researcher’ of craft beer.
Clare Waldron
Clare has spent the last 20 years working in transport consultancy, specialising in passenger transport planning, policy, and strategy. When not facilitating her daughters’ hectic social lives, Clare enjoys a Pilates class for core strength and sanity.
Colin Brader
As ITP’s founder and Bus Rapid Transit expert, Colin’s vision and expertise has transformed public transport systems and brought mass transit to mega-cities across the world. In his spare time he enjoys visiting new cities and checking out new bands.
Dan Palmer
Dan has considerable experience in both UK private and public sector development planning, ranging from residential developments to recycling plants. Away from work he enjoys running, avoiding DIY projects and negotiating soft plays with his young family.
David Brenig-Jones
David is an expert at aggregating disparate data, using it to better understand urban transport systems and reveal insights for optimising network performance. When not knee-deep in transport models you’ll find him climbing, skiing, or taking in a music festival.
Debbie King
Company Secretary
Debbie has been with ITP since the company launched, and - amongst many other important things - ensures our bills are paid and our invoices are counted. When not doing ITP’s accounts, you will most likely find her walking in the Peak District.
Denise Faber
Specialising in all things public transport, Denise brings a wealth of operational and consultancy experience to our team. When she's not working, or raising her children, Denise can be found on the dancefloor or immersing herself in her latest literary find.
Francisco Gordedo
Francisco has a background in qualitative and quantitative research. He is interested in creating sustainable transport systems, intersectionality and improving social connectivity. Out of work he enjoys baking, singing, and visiting his family in rural Spain.
Geoff Burrage
Associate Director
Geoff's planning, strategy and policy work is inspired by the role transport can play in creating great places. Away from work he enjoys running and cycling in the great outdoors, offset by spending time in the dingiest of halls when checking out bands across London.
Georgia Taylor
Senior Consultant
With a proven track record in influencing behaviour towards sustainable transport, Georgia applies her expertise to a range of business and residential travel planning projects. Outside the office, she enjoys exploring foreign cities and aerial acrobatics.
Giles Lipscombe
Giles spends most of his time working on micro-simulation and strategic transport models, with occasional forays into GIS mapping and data analysis. Outside the office his interests include low emission vehicles and trying to visit all the restaurants in Nottingham.
Ian Stott
Ian’s flair for graphic design, transport data modelling and visualising map-based data mean his time is often in high demand. In his spare time you can find Ian riding and fixing bikes with no gears, climbing mountains, and travelling internationally.
Isabelle Kourti
With a background in development planning, Isabelle has a keen interest in shaping places around people and public transport, creating sustainable environments. In her spare time, Isabelle enjoys going to festivals, travelling and yoga.
James Reeves
Technical Director
James is a transport economist with 30 years' experience. He has worked in more than 50 countries across the world and has a particular interest in small island states. When he isn’t busy renovating his home, James is Vice President of his local Lions Club.
James Seery
Principal Consultant
James specialises in data collection and analysis for major international public transport studies, which have taken him to the Philippines, Bangladesh, Ukraine and Kenya. Away from the office he enjoys visiting Peru, where he met his wife, and following Liverpool FC.
Jamie Wheway
Operations Manager
Drawing on a wealth of company management experience, Jamie ensures that our company policies are compliant and our staff are well-supported. As a perennial winner of ITP's team sporting events, there is usually a polite scramble to be on his side!
Jeh Chan
Technical Director
Jeh enjoys using his international project experience and integrated thinking to help developing countries to solve complex mobility challenges in growing cities. When he's not in work he enjoys trying new recipes and exploring new cities.
Jim Bradley
Jim is ITP’s market research and behaviour change specialist. He applies research techniques to understand people’s travel needs, attitudes and perceptions. When not at work you’ll find him chasing after his two young children or following Aston Villa's fortunes.
Jon Parker
Managing Director
2015 Smarter Travel Professional of the Year, Jon specialises in sustainable travel behaviour change and ensuring new developments are well connected by all modes of travel. After hours you will find him teeing off on a golf course or chasing after his family’s Spaniel.
Kirsty Whittaker
Senior Consultant
Kirsty uses her social media and marketing expertise to influence travel behaviour and enjoys working with people to encourage them to travel sustainably. Out of work you can find Kirsty watching or blogging about the mighty Liverpool FC.
Laura Marshall
Senior Consultant
With a background in active travel and behaviour change, Laura understands the importance of placing people at the heart of effective transport delivery. Outside of work she enjoys visiting new restaurants, running and going to the theatre.
Lewis McAuliffe
Senior Consultant
Lewis is fascinated by the role transport planning plays in shaping the places we live, work and travel, and has experience in development planning and development control. Outside of work, he enjoys discovering new places and watching live bands.
Lynsey Harris
Lynsey specialises in development planning, transport research and influencing behaviour, applying her sound understanding of behavioural change to deliver effective sustainable transport projects. Outside of work she enjoys cycling and skiing.
Dr. Mark Dimond
Principal Consultant
A data scientist with experience of GIS, statistical modelling and computer science, Mark uses his skills to exploit open data to better understand patterns of movement. Mark spends his spare time sampling new coffee blends and walking the hills of his native Wales.
Mark Lever
Principal Consultant
Mark has a wealth of private sector development planning experience. He has a keen interest in the urban environment and in the creation of sustainable places to live and work. Mark spends much of his spare time cycling or preparing culinary masterpieces in the kitchen.
Neil Taylor
Curiosity about future mobility, inclusive design and delivering transport networks that support sustainable local growth shapes Neil’s workload. Away from the office he can be found on a badminton court, riding his bike, or attempting ambitious DIY projects.
Dr. Nick Ayland
Nick specialises in strategy and policy research & development, with expertise in public transport, low emission transport and demand management. A keen cricketer, he frequently regales us with tales of ‘glorious knocks’ and 'wagging tails'.
Nicola Siddall
Principal Consultant
Nicola has a breadth of experience working as part of multi-disciplinary teams providing development planning advice to public and private sector clients. Outside of work she is likely to be travelling, at the gym, or tending to her many pets.
Noel Lavery
Senior Consultant
With a keen interest in creating liveable cities, Noel works with developers to ensure sites are accessible and well connected by sustainable transport. He splits his spare time between seeing live music, exploring new cities and running (weather permitting!)
Oliver Williamson
With a degree in Geography and previous experience in town planning, Oliver is passionate about using his experience to deliver sustainable travel solutions. Outside of work, Oliver enjoys cycling, cooking, and travelling to new cities.
Peter Armitage
Technical Director
A project management ‘all-rounder’, Peter has significant experience of leading complex, high-profile public transport infrastructure projects all over the world. When not in airport lounges, Peter enjoys photography and playing the guitar.
Peter Hardy
Technical Director
Peter is one of the UK's leading Passenger Transport experts with experience covering local bus services, taxis, Community Transport, Car Clubs, Car Sharing and Park & Ride. Away from work he enjoys volunteering at the National Memorial Arboretum.
Rachel Tate
Principal Consultant
With an MA in Town and Regional Planning, Rachel understands the relationship between transport and land-use planning. She is a capable spatial analyst and graphic designer who enjoys yoga, running and baking when not at work in ITP's Nottingham office.
Ruby Stringer
Senior Consultant
Ruby is a proficient research analyst having worked on a variety of UK and international projects, her favourite being a study into gender and public transport in Chittagong, Bangladesh. She loves cooking and is often found in her kitchen creating culinary masterpieces.
Sian Fox
Sian enjoys working with people to encourage them to think differently about how they travel, the choices available and how to enjoy and make the most of places. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.
Stephanie Norris
An award-winning marketing specialist, Steph has a passion for delivering effective travel behaviour change strategies to promote active and sustainable travel. Outside work you’ll find her cycling, running, or in the pool preparing for her next triathlon.
Tatum Houlston
Senior Consultant
Having worked in both the public and private sector, Tatum is experienced in delivering concessionary travel schemes and influencing travel behaviour. When not at work you will find her cycling with her family, running over Cannock Chase or attempting yoga.
Tim Edwards
With considerable public transport experience, Tim regularly advises on the development and delivery of public transport strategies and concessionary travel schemes. In his spare time he enjoys taking his children to the zoo and perfecting his spicy pulled pork recipe.
Tom Fleming
Principal Consultant
With a passion for creating effective transport systems, Tom works to develop sustainable transport strategies across a range of city contexts and topic areas. Out of hours he enjoys travelling, learning French, and exploring the sites and delights of London.
Tom Speed
With a head for numbers, Tom uses his statistics background to analyse complex data sets to understand the impact of sustainable transport interventions. In his spare time, he likes all things rugby, checking out bands and getting to grips with photography.