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news: The Golden Rules of ITP

A key principle of ITP is that we involve staff in shaping the business plan – by listening to staff ambitions and desires, it helps to ensure we collectively develop a sustainable and fulfilling approach to the business.  This extends beyond the skill areas we work in and encompasses the wider social, well-being, and cultural issues that can make a real difference in providing a stimulating and productive work environment.

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Last year whilst on a company-wide study tour to Utrecht, we asked staff to start to define the reasons why they enjoyed working at ITP. As you can imagine, there was a pretty diverse range of comments, and sifting through 200 or so unique suggestions enabled the Directors to formulate a new set of guiding principles that help to define our newly launched 5-Year Plan

We thought it would be useful to share these more widely so our clients and collaborators can better understand our cultures and beliefs, and for those seeking to work at ITP they can get a flavour as to whether our working culture is right for them. 

So here goes with our top 10 golden rules for working at ITP…

  • Be kind, always.
  • Do good work, be efficient, and deliver on time… the rest tends to take care of itself.
  • Be brave and positive… improving the way the world moves isn’t always easy.
  • Stay healthy, be active and look out for people… practice what we preach.
  • Put yourself in your clients’ shoes.
  • Sharing is fun. Confide, collaborate, and never forget laughter is always an option.
  • Working hours are for work, the rest of the day is not.
  • Taking the car should be last option (whether you are driving or it’s driving itself).
  • Work to a standard of which you are proud, and celebrate success with your clients.
  • Remain curious, think deeply, and ask questions.

If we keep doing all these things then we won't go far wrong, and hopefully we will do our bit to help create more sustainable places.

If you'd like to join the ITP team, we currently have 5 job vacancies for candidates with 8+ years' experience across the following sectors: transport strategy, development planning, international, and smart travel. Click here to find out more about each role and how you can apply.


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