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news: Improving the way the world moves - The ITP Plan

ITP’s latest 5-Year Plan (2019-2024) boldly sets out our vision for the company, where our priorities lie, and how, as a collective team, we will achieve them.

The ideas that shaped this Plan were formulated during a vibrant 3-day study tour and workshop with all staff in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We used this as an opportunity to hear first-hand from our team: what inspired them professionally, the type of projects they worked on and where, and the skills we needed to continue to develop to be the very best transport planners in the field. 

Regarding this workshop, Jon Parker, ITP’s Managing Director said:

Smarter Travel Awards Jon

“Sessions like the one held in Utrecht help to galvanise the spirit of ITP as a company that is built around the aspirations and interests of its employees. As a company this is so important as we exist as a platform for great transport planners to achieve great things, and to develop and deploy their skills in a creative and supportive environment. Seeking their opinions on how to take the company forward forms a key part of that”.

What does the future hold?

Our mission is to deliver transport projects that have a notable positive impact, to ‘improve the way the world moves’. This statement encapsulates the spirit of the company, it ensures we focus on delivering projects and programmes that achieve more sustainable transport outcomes, through an approach which focusses on ‘total quality’ as a guiding principle. 

To help us achieve this mission, we’re aiming to strengthen our position as a world leading, multi-disciplinary independent sustainable transport planning consultancy, that cares for their staff and about the outcomes of our work. This involves not only continuing to deliver projects to a high standard, but also…

  • To deliver healthy, well managed and happy workplaces.
  • Developing our people to be the very best.
  • To deliver the highest level of quality and skills.
  • To work smarter, by improving the efficiency of our project processes.

With the Plan now in place, it will help define our culture and ethos as a company, helping to capture the diversity of all staff at ITP.

If you like the sound of working at ITP, we currently have 5 job vacancies across the transport strategy, international, smart travel, and development planning sectors. Click here to find out more about the roles and how to apply.


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