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November 2023

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blog: Buses – Time for a Reset

Author: Peter Hardy

After sponsoring and attending the ATCO Schools Transport Conference last week, ITP's Peter Hardy provides a direct take on the current state of the bus industry. Peter outlines the six foundations crucial for charting a successful course forward.

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On street parking

blog: From Teaching to Transport: Changing Lanes

Author: Nicholas Thompson

Nick Thompson's path to joining ITP recently is anything but conventional. In this blog, Nick offers a unique perspective on his journey into the world of transport planning, touching on his teaching background, lessons from abroad, and more!

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news: Implementation pathways to accelerate EV adoption

Following our recent successful round-table webinar titled 'Implementation Pathways to Accelerate EV Adoption', Moshi and Georgia share their reflections and outline some of the key topics and challenges across the EV value chain explored in the webinar.

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