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blog: Two Becomes One: Two Years on from Joining Forces with RHDHV

Author: Colin Brader

It's two years since ITP joined the Royal Haskoning-DHV (RHDHV) group and hasn’t time flown! Here, I reflect on our time so far with RHDHV and share my thoughts on the Birmingham team's recent office move into a shared office with RHDHV.

Still in the throes of COVID, there was much concern about announcing such an exciting move during a time of grave national concern, but we felt our staff needed some excitement! The truth was that it was a coming together that was long overdue and both parties were itching to get moving on our new adventure; exploring what we could achieve together.

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The ITP aficionados amongst you will be very aware that ITP is a philosophically driven consultancy intent on making a difference in the world, captured in our strapline; ‘Improving the Way the World Moves’. We truly felt there wasn’t another company we would ever feel comfortable with, but we discovered that RHDHV are just the same. Their motto of 'Enhancing Society Together' is similar if a bit wider reaching and is something that the company uses to scrutinise every project. ITP but bigger, and in fact ITP if we had 100 years to grow – we always had the intent but were too impatient.

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So, after two years we find ourselves in a good place. We are still very much ITP but we have an extended family who are both supportive and collaborative. Those issues that took us away from transport planning, such as HR, legal and finance issues, are now handled by those who are appropriately qualified. This leaves us to enhance society through improving the way the world moves, to play strapline bingo!

Just this week our coming together has meant we could move our Birmingham team into the type of office we could only dream of; flexible working arrangements, great artwork and even better coffee. From our origins of a basement office with bars at the window to a modern office with a bar on every street corner! Moving in with RHDHV colleagues means better and more diverse water cooler chat, our neon ITP sign remains a fixture and we remain the same with the same motives.

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After 25 years growing ITP, do I regret joining with RHDHV? Not at all. It has enabled us to grow and achieve much more. The very fact that I can write such a piece as this and not be corporately edited just shows what a collaborative, trustworthy and embracing culture we have had and are now sharing with our large family.

To find out more about how ITP improves the way the world moves visit our What We Do page.


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