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news: Thoughts on recent events in Ukraine

ITP usually does not comment on global events but, having worked extensively in the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv (enhancing its public transport network) and Odessa (improving connections between the city and its port) over the last decade, it has been hard for our staff to comprehend the news of recent weeks.

Through these projects our organisation and its people have been fortunate to collaborate with municipal Government staff, and specialists from International Financial Institutions (IFIs) like the World Bank, most of whom are based locally. As is typical when working internationally, ITP’s team has come to learn and appreciate much more about these vibrant cities; absorbing insights into the history, culture and people of Ukraine along the way.

Many unique experiences, both personal - marvelling at the colossally-appointed metro stations, and picturesque architecture in the snow, and professional - the nerve-wracking experience of presenting to Vitali Klitschko (former world champion heavyweight boxer, and current Mayor of Kyiv), have enriched our projects and our people. However, one of our main pleasures has been collaborating with the individuals who make up the local Government staff and public transport operators who are committed to improving the way their cities' function, as well as our IFI clients who experience these interesting places in a similar way to ourselves.

As we necessarily pause the work we have recently been undertaking in Kyiv, ITP's thoughts are with our friends and partners across Ukraine. We send all our best wishes to them and their families - scattered, in some cases hurriedly, across unfamiliar international borders - at a worrying, and challenging, moment for international relations.

We look forward with all hope and optimism to a time when we may work together again. In addition to our words and thoughts, ITP has contributed the support we are able to - so as to offer tangible help to those affected.

Kyiv 2019

Peaceful demonstration in Kyiv, 2019 - Courtesy of Owen Reading


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