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news: ITP’s active travel projects selected for TPM

We’re delighted that ITP’s Tom Fleming and Laura Marshall have both had their abstracts accepted for the 20th Annual Transport Practitioners’ Meeting hosted in Greenwich, London on the 29th - 30th June.

Tom’s paper, written in collaboration with the London Borough of Camden, focuses on implementing a network of 190 marked/signed parking bays for shared bikes and e-scooters throughout the borough. This follows work carried out by ITP, who helped identify suitable parking bay locations through a comprehensive best practice review of parking bay design and by utilising demand data from incumbent bike share operators. The network represents the most comprehensive micromobility parking bay network in London with the majority of the bays located on the carriageway, replacing vehicle parking . The network has been well received by the borough’s bike share and e-scooter share operators, and by TfL, and is already demonstrating strong usage.

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Laura is working with AECOM and Leicestershire County Council to develop a paper that focuses on the delivery of a Covid-adapted approach to personal travel planning (PTP) in Leicester and Leicestershire. Delivery was based on a postal promotion of the PTP service to the 10,000-household target area, with an intensive engagement subset of residents who were offered three-month loans of bicycles, e-bikes and FitBits, and personal motivational support. The aim was to encourage more walking and cycling in line with the Government’s active travel agenda, and the impacts of the project on participants’ travel behaviour were determined through an evaluation methodology of surveys via telephone calls and emails, and a virtual focus group.

We’re looking forward to sharing our experience of delivering active travel project and hearing about the progressive work is being carried out across the transport industry. We’d also like to wish congratulations to everyone else who has been successful!


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