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news: Comparing costs of electric vehicle charger construction

ITP, alongside partners Wood and the University of Strathclyde have been working over recent months on behalf of the Scottish Government to establish the cost of installing electric vehicle (EV) charging points during construction or major renovation.

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To investigate the research questions the study took three independent approaches:

  • Consultation – through workshops and one-to-one discussions with relevant experts.
  • Top Down Approach – using grant application data to determine total cost of instillation.
  • Bottom up approach – using market data for individual components of EV chargers.

The study found that instillation of chargers in new build sites is more cost effective than retrofitting chargers after construction. This is as a result of the efficiencies generated through the covering of civil engineering costs such as laying cables as part of wider development on certain sites, and because upgrades to the District Operator Network (the company that owns and operates the power lines and infrastructure) will have considered capacity requirements as part of the development; something which is not guaranteed for retrofitting. The research also clearly indicated that geography is an influence when determining the costs of EV charging given that in more rural areas there can be supply chain issues around suppliers, labour and travel costs and the availability of specialists.

Electric Vehicles are a rapidly growing portion of our portfolio, to find more about how we can help you with electric vehicles planning, charging and operations in the UK and internationally, get in touch. You can also find a link to the full article here.


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