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Author: Stephanie Norris
Active Travel New Dimensions

For many towns and cities across England the quality of the active travel networks – at least where LTN1/20 is concerned - are in their infancy. The step to address this is to develop an LCWIP to prioritise investment when it becomes available. The time Local Authorities have between now and the next financial year can be used to build the evidence base for investment, so that when the next round of funding becomes available, it is possible to hit the ground running with the implementation of schemes that have already been identified and developed; ideally that are ‘shovel ready’.

The Capability Fund offers the opportunity to do this. Local Authorities can use the revenue funding to consult, engage and plan for delivery. At ITP and Royal Haskoning DHV we have distilled the cycling planning process into four stages of support:

V5 Active Travel Pp Infographic
Microsoft Teams Image 2

For more information on how our cycling experts at ITP and Royal Haskoning DHV could support you to develop your active travel strategy, take a look at our previous experience or get in touch.


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