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news: ITP wins two new projects in Mozambique and Rwanda

ITP is delighted to announce that we have recently been successful in winning two new international projects, one in Maputo and one in Kigali. We can’t wait to get started!

Reforming transport in Maputo

Mozambique’s capital city of Maputo is a city that has benefited from a lot of transport studies, ranging from a comprehensive transport master plan through to BRT feasibility studies and various road improvement projects. 

Despite this, little has been delivered which is, in part, to a complex institutional structure and high aspirations rather than adopting a practical focus. Our role is to work with the Greater Maputo Project Preparation Unit and lean from previous studies and, through focussing upon; satisfying key user needs, institutional restructuring and deliverability will define a project that will see implementation within the next five years. 


Prioritising public transport in Kigali

Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, is a progressive city that is delivering widescale mobility improvements. To support the promotion of sustainable mobility, the city is moving towards performance-based contracts with bus operators and the City of Kigali will seek to improve operational conditions through bus priority. 


ITP will be working with the city, and government departments, to identify where bus priority should be implemented to greatest effect together with developing a strategy for roll out across the city. The efforts being made to improve bus travel forms part of an integrated and ambitious strategy that involves the development of BRT and e-mobility that will meet, in full, the mobility needs of this beautiful city. 

For more information on these projects, please get in touch with Colin Brader, International Director at ITP, or visit our public transport reform and public transport strategy pages for similar projects. 


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