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news: Prioritising active travel


“The first stage [of a £2 billion cycling and walking investment programme], worth £250 million, is a series of swift, emergency interventions to make cycling and walking safer. Pop-up bike lanes. Wider pavements. Cycle and bus-only streets. All examples of what people will start to see more of. Accompanying the new money, we are today publishing fast tracked statutory guidance, effective immediately, requiring councils in England to cater for significantly-increased numbers of cyclists and pedestrians, and making it easier for them to create safer streets”

Grant Shapps, Transport Minister, Saturday 9 May 2020

How we can help?

We care deeply about safer streets and sustainable transport infrastructure. It’s the ‘heart and soul’ of what we do, and why the company was established. 

For the last 22 years we have been developing and implementing sustainable transport programmes that do exactly what the Government is now calling for, and hence we have a talented team who can make progressive, ambitious and sustainable schemes come to life. 

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Our Services

  • Developing active travel strategies – ensuring individual schemes are designed as part of a cohesive network of routes that support more walking and cycling.
  • Designing active travel infrastructure - through our in-house design team we are able to quickly produce outline sketch designs that reimagine streets, all the way through to detailed design.
  • Implementing active travel infrastructure – taking schemes from concept drawings to implementation including gaining all necessary consents and supporting measures.
  • Developing and delivering behaviour change programmes – to sit alongside the infrastructure changes so that local people can understand and embrace the changes as they are delivered.
  • Monitoring and regulating behaviours – we can advise on and deploy technology to monitor public transport to ensure Covid19 social distancing requirements are being met.
  • Public transport expert advice– we understand how local bus services can be re-introduced safely and in a phased way with Covid19 restrictions.

Please get in touch if you are seeking support at any stage in your plans to make our towns and cities more sustainable, active and prosperous. We would love to help. 


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