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news: Assessing mobility needs in Cairo

The Greater Cairo Area (GCA) is a megacity that presents enormous social and economic opportunities, not just in Egypt, but in the Middle East and North Africa region as whole. However, opportunities are being hampered by insufficient infrastructure and limited administrative capacity and has resulted in increased levels of congestion, pollution, and unequal access to amenities.  

The ITP consortium has been appointed by the World Bank to understand today's mobility needs across the GCA by identifying gaps in service standards, network provisions and accessibility, with the aim to develop proposals that can deliver a step-change improvement in public transport.

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We will utilise our team’s expertise in local data collection and stakeholder engagement to develop proposals that are grounded in an accurate understanding of changing travel demand, insights into the mobility barriers for marginalised groups, and an appreciation of the root causes of under performance in the public transport sector. We will use our practical knowledge of developing online data management, analysis and visualisations to advise on a new user-friendly platform that will help to embed good data analysis into transport planning in Egypt, and enable third parties to use data to enhance passenger services and experience.

Recommendations for investment opportunities will be identified through robust economic, environmental, and social impact appraisal which will deliver socially inclusive green growth that boosts economic opportunity for women and marginalised groups. 

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ITP consortium includes: ITP, InfraOne, Transport for Cairo (TfC) and Citilabs Middle East Consultancy LLC (CitiME)


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