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news: ITP partner with the University of Derby to trial new virtual reality technology

ITP has partnered with the University of Derby to explore how virtual reality technology can help transform 2D technical drawings and bring them to life into meaningful animations. By using a conventional CAD drawing, the tool helps validate transport planning projects, such as proposed highway improvement schemes, by enabling us to visualise what the design would look like if it were implemented.

Our emphasis is to create more sustainable places that prioritise people instead of cars, the new technology could be used to provide an extra level of understanding into the design of walking, cycling, and public transport projects. It would illustrate how it appears at street level and the potential impacts of making the proposed changes to the environment.

Vr Screen

The pilot was a great success and allowed for a better understanding of the value in having virtual reality technology to overcome challenging transport designs. Click here to read more about the study or visit our website to find out about the different technology that we use in our work.


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