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news: Improving safety on GB rail platforms

RSSB has published the final report and recommendations from ITP's 15 month study on ways the GB rail industry can mitigate risks for pushchair and wheelchair users associated with rail station platform crossfall and gradient slopes.

Working with experts from RIDC, Integra, Innovace and Aldridge Prenton, we used a mix of online survey, in-depth interview, and focus group discussion techniques to understand the causes and perceived risks of unplanned rolling movements on platforms.  We also explored public and rail industry perceptions of practical improvements they felt could be made to the rail station platform environment in order to help passengers better understand and manage these risks.

Concessionary Travel Wheelchair

The project followed a Rail Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) report (RAIB Report 17/2014) that addressed two similar incidents, in which a pushchair and wheelchair rolled off station platforms onto the track.  ITP's research for RSSB has yielded recommendations on low-cost and future design improvements to the station platform environment.  These include improved audible announcements, careful location of on-platform vending and seating areas, and the use of awareness-raising posters to raise awareness at stations where platform crossfall and/or gradient slopes are severe.  

The study team's expert Human Factors and Risk Assessment advisers also developed proposals on how the GB rail industry's risk assessment process for identifying and understanding platform crossfall and gradient risks could be improved.

For more information about the project, please check out the RSSB knowledge base or get in touch.


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