Public Transport

Bus, tram and rail transport continue to play a key role in the sustainable transport policy mix, enabling people to make the essential journeys modern lifestyles demand

ITP advises public and private sector clients, both in the UK and internationally, about how public transport can best meet local travel demands.  We recognise that in towns and cities mass transit helps minimise traffic congestion and air pollution.  In more rural areas buses and demand responsive services provide vital connections to jobs, key services, and social activities.

We collect and apply the best-available data to understand people's patterns of movement and combines this with qualitative insights into local attitudes to public transport. Our work sits at the heart of the scoping, design and operation of highly localised public transport services that meet people's identified needs. 

The impact of this approach is as evident through our work to develop public transport strategies and high quality mass rapid transit networks in global megacities as in our administration of concessionary travel schemes in the UK.

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