Whether you join ITP straight after graduation, or after a few years in the industry, you’ll have the option to be part of the SUNRISE scheme and accelerate your career.

Work Placements

In the first two years of SUNRISE, you’ll undertake three 8-month work placements. As far as practically possible you’ll get to choose the teams for your placement based on the transport planning disciplines you’re most interested in. Our teams are:

  • Development Planning – Be involved in the design of well-connected, economically vibrant, and environmentally-friendly places.
  • Influencing Behaviour – Plan and deliver sustainable transport campaigns to tackle the 'big issues' affecting society.
  • Public Transport – Develop bus, tram, and rail strategies to enable people to make the essential journeys modern lifestyles demand.
  • Transport Policy & Strategy – Create transport strategies to support sustainable growth, tackle climate change, or improve inclusivity for all.
  • International – Apply the above disciplines across the globe in one of the 45 countries we’ve worked in.

During your placements you’ll be fully immersed in the team, gaining hands-on project experience, applying technical skills to real-world projects, and shadowing senior members of the team to understand essential project management processes.

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In the following two years of SUNRISE, you will formally join one of ITP’s five teams. At this stage, you can still gain broad, relevant experience by working across disciplines, or, if you prefer you can focus on a specific area of transport planning.

Training & Skills

Throughout the entire scheme, regular training and skills development sessions will provide essential technical and business knowledge.

Delivered as both in-house workshops and external training courses, you will gain essential technical skills in GIS, social research techniques, data analytics and visualisation; as well as business-focused skills such as project management, communications, time management, report writing - to name but a few!

You will be encouraged to put these skills into practice, taking on responsibility for chairing a SUNRISE meeting and presenting at a lunchtime webinar to the wider ITP team.

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Career Development

Regular meetings with the SUNRISE leadership team provide the opportunity to discuss career aspirations, define goals and monitor progress. You will also be assigned a Mentor to guide you on how best to achieve your professional targets and longer-term goals. At the end of the four-year scheme, you can continue professional development towards the Transport Planning Professional (TPP) or Chartered Transport Planning Professional (CTPP) accreditation.


If you’re considering a career at ITP and would like more information about the SUNRISE scheme, please get in touch with Jim Bradley (