Holiday Parks & Leisure Sites

We have developed niche expertise in sustainable transport planning for holiday parks, building a comprehensive understanding of how the industry works and guest’s mobility needs. 

Our team works with some of the biggest names in the holiday park industry to secure planning consent for new sites and extensions to existing facilities.

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We are skilled in providing technical advice to achieve success through the planning process, and are well regarded by local authority officers seeking to ensure sustainable development outcomes.

Our unparalleled experience of gaining planning approval for new wayfinding signs to holiday parks also includes developing and implementing robust sustainable transport plans to support new sites. 


  • Transport Assessments & Travel Plans
  • Site access audits and access design 
  • Sustainable travel strategies
  • Staff and visitor surveys
  • Negotiation with planning authorities
  • Expert witness at appeals

Presthaven Beach Resort

Perched on the picturesque welsh coastline, Presthaven Beach Resort is a popular Haven holiday park owned by Bourne Leisure. Like many sites located in attractive rural locations, navigating here isn’t always easy.  This was a particular issue at Presthaven and ITP was appointed to advise on the location of new signs to help visitors heading there on holiday.

Our input involved reviewing the local brown tourist sign policies, building the case for installing additional signs, and negotiating with local Councils to gain their approval. Our advice resulted in the installation of five new brown tourist signs that will help holidaymakers travelling to the area to find their destination more easily.

Holiday Parks Quay West
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Primrose Valley Holiday Park

Located on the North Yorkshire coastline, Primrose Valley is a popular Haven Holiday Park owned and operated by Bourne Leisure. With the popularity of ‘staycations’ in the UK increasing, ITP advised in both 2003 and 2015 on planning applications to expand the site to provide more accommodation for holidaymakers.

Our role was to prepare a Transport Assessment and Travel Plan, which also included the relocation of the main park entrance and technical appraisal of the revised access junction arrangement. In both instances, we helped our clients to secure planning approval successfully.

Quay West Holiday Park

Overlooking the rugged South Wales coastline is Quay West - a Haven holiday park, owned and operated by Bourne Leisure. The Park was first established in 1961 and since then has been extensively redeveloped to cater for holidaymaker’s desires for larger caravans and more spacious plots.  ITP was appointed in 2013 to assist Bourne with a planning application to further expand the capacity of the site. 

Our role was to prepare a Transport Statement for the proposed extension. This involved assessing the site’s operational characteristics and developing a detailed travel strategy to mitigate impacts of the proposed development. Engineering designs were also prepared to endorse an appropriate site access design and improve existing pedestrian linkages.  Planning consent was secured as a result of our work.

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