Marketing Campaigns

Successful marketing campaigns are based on sound understanding of a target audience and awareness of how they perceive 'problems' or 'challenges'.

ITP promotes the benefits of sustainable travel by using market research to understand public attitudes. We apply the resulting insights to develop and evaluate engaging and effective campaigns.

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We advocate this evidence-based approach to using consumer insights to design campaigns that break-down the barriers to choosing sustainable travel options. Our work helps to motivate long-term changes in people's behaviour, by evidencing their benefits.

ITP's in-house marketing team works closely with our clients to understand their aspirations. We apply our knowledge of behaviour change theory and marketing techniques to create inspiring, innovative, campaigns which have measurable impacts on local travel behaviours.


  • Branding
  • Campaign delivery
  • Creative design
  • Market research
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Strategy development
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Travel Choice, Nottinghamshire 

ITP worked with Nottinghamshire County Council colleagues to help secure almost £1m of Access Fund money to support travel behaviour change interventions in Newark-on-Trent and Mansfield.

Following this we supported the County Council's work to develop and implement the Travel Choice brand across all of the workplace, school leaver, jobseeker and Personal Travel Planning workstreams.  As well as fulfilling the programme manager role, we are evaluating the impact of large-scale PTP interventions being delivered by AECOM and training County Council officers in how to apply ITP's Engage+ approach when working with local employers.

Ongoing process and impact evaluation is highlighting how our work is already beginning to change local attitudes, connect jobseekers with employment opportunities, and encourage people to travel more sustainably.

Branding Cebu City Bus Rapid Transit

To improve the performance of passenger transport services in Cebu City, Philippines, the World Bank is funding the development of a pilot BRT corridor.

Our role was to understand local attitudes towards BRT and then develop a brand concept. Working closely with local partners, we carried out focus groups with members of the public to understand their opinions of local transport. The localised brand values and preferred characteristics we identified informed our subsequent work to develop a series of brand names and designs for vehicle livery, signage and motifs. 

After market testing a series of brands on members of the public, the final output of our work was a proposed brand name – TransCebu - and associated logo for the BRT line.

Marketing Branding Cebu
Marketing Branding Bounce

Bounce Travel Challenge

Encouraging people to change how they travel can be challenging, however in Lowestoft we did just that! 

Charged with creating a new initiative to inspire people to walk, cycle, use public transport and car share more often we developed Bounce - a campaign that challenged people to swap their regular car trips for more sustainable options. Each time someone recorded a trip they were rewarded with points that converted into leader-board recognition and prizes. Delivering this campaign involved developing an app, creating a brand, and implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy to promote the initiative to local businesses and residents. 

The Bounce challenge resulted in an 18% reduction in car trips among the 250 regular participants, who switched their journeys to walking & cycling (mainly), as well as public transport and car share options.

Get on Board, Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes Council received Better Bus Area funding from the Department for Transport to introduce a range of infrastructure improvements and a behaviour change campaign designed to support local growth by increasing bus use in Milton Keynes and reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

The project consisted of six linked components, some of which were delivered by ITP. They included Personalised Travel Plans, interchange improvements, enhanced wayfinding, and an integrated marketing campaign. We created the ‘Get on Board’ brand, developed marketing collateral to promote then improved bus services, and implemented an online and offline communications plan.

The post-project evaluation revealed a positive impact on local bus use.

Marketing Branding Get On Board