Car Clubs & Car Share

Effective travel behaviour change strategies do not necessarily seek to deter all car use, but instead optimise the use of private vehicles – typically through car sharing or car clubs.

Significant technological advances have lowered market entry costs, and stimulated an increasingly dynamic ‘sharing economy’ for bikes and cars, which is re-shaping how we use cars.

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ITP has been at the forefront of research and delivery in this field over the last 15 years, having written Department for Transport best practice guidance on Making Car Sharing and Car Clubs work.

Consequently we have un-rivalled knowledge of the car sharing market-place, and a deep understanding of what really encourages people to make use of these initiatives.


  • Business case development
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Political and managerial support
  • Procurement advice

TfL Car Share Good Practice Guide

ITP was the lead author of Transport for London's car share guide for businesses, which was based upon a comprehensive review of real-world business car share performance and case studies. 

The work involved an examination of best practice in the delivery of car share schemes across London, and the production of focused guidance to improve the future performance of car share initiatives.

The guide has been widely disseminated across London, and to businesses across the UK, and is regularly cited as the key source of information for car share scheme developers.

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Making Car Sharing & Car Clubs Work

The Department for Transport commissioned ITP to research the effectiveness of car share and car club schemes in closed communities. The intention was to understand best practice and inform future schemes.

We led the research programme; which included an initial desk study, detailed site reviews, and interviews with leading practitioners. The study findings have been widely regarded as critical to improving the knowledge base and industry understanding of what makes an effective scheme. 

The ‘best practice guide’ we produced has since informed the development and delivery of future car share schemes and car clubs across the UK.

Swindon Car Club

Working on behalf of Swindon Borough Council, we assessed the commercial viability of a Car Club for the town. This involved appraising different possible operating models to determine whether a Car Club was viable and if so, how it could best be introduced. 

We developed a robust business case for setting-up and running a Car Club in different contexts, considered ancillary uses, engaged with key stakeholders, and market-tested a selection of operating models.

The implementation plan that ITP prepared was taken forward by the Council to introduce the Swindon Co-Wheels Car Club. 

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