Accessibility analysis for health services

ITP helped a group of major NHS organisations in the north east of England to undertake a comprehensive review of the travel and transport impacts of a proposed reorganisation of one of their key services. 

Our team used accessibility modelling software and data science to objectively estimate the impacts upon numbers of patients around the region who could access services within defined time-bands under different scenarios. We also looked at the effects on journey costs of the different scenarios, as affordability is another key dimension of accessibility.

Our accessibility analysis drilled down to estimate effects upon patient groups with specific characteristics. Interpretation of this data was aided through ITP’s industry-leading GIS and data visualisation expertise, which helped highlight the effects of proposals in different circumstances for our client’s evidence base.  

Ambulance Png

A key part of our role involved helping our client in interpreting the results and presenting them at public consultation events. Our analysis helped the client organisations to make an informed decision on how to proceed, including consideration of any negative travel impacts of service reorganisation and how to mitigate them.

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